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Special occasion plates

Special Occasion plates, Frome near Bath

Our occasion plates from Frome near Bath are a unique gift for memorable events.  They are the perfect choice of gift for for special occasions like Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Anniversaries, and  Retirements, alongside any other occasion! At Enigma Pottery our occasion plates are hand-made complete with individually crafted 3D embellishments which can then be signed with personal messages from family or friends before being glazed and finished.

A special occasion plate can provide a lasting memory of the event which you can keep yourself or give as an extra special gift to the guest of honour. Take a look at some examples of plates made for previous clients.

Ordering a special occasion plate

To order your plate simply contact Jenny to discuss your occasion and we will design the plate together. I will produce a bisque (first) fired plate with your chosen elements added in colour and any specific lettering in place.

Take the plate to your special occasion for friends or family to sign with the ceramic pencil provided.
You can then return it to me to be glazed and fired.


Small Plate (18.5cm) –  £45
Medium Plate (28cm) –  £75
Large Plate (32cm) –  £95
+ plus £25 Postage & Packing

Please place your order at least 3 weeks before your event to give us enough time to produce a design you are happy with.  Call us now to order your special occasion plates in Bath.