Wholesale Orders

Enigma Pottery are one of a handful of studios offering wholesale orders (batch firing pottery) in Frome near Bath and the South West. Batch firings are commissioned works where the pottery is produced on a large scale. This is a popular option for schools, clubs and businesses who wish to offer unique merchandise or gifts with their own personal branding on them. So if, for example, you wanted to present a keepsake to guests that have attended a special occasion like a wedding, business event, or sporting event, this type of service would be ideal for you.

Enigma Pottery’s production clients:

Abode Hotel Group: Exeter, Manchester, Chester, Canterbury (Embossed Flowerpots)
Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen
, Bath (Plates)
Andrew Brownsword Hotels:  The Bath Priory, Amberley Castle, Gidleigh Park,
Lower Slaughter Manor, Buckland Manor (Embossed Flowerpots for Mother’s Day Gifts)
Babington House, Shoreditch House House (tableware)
Baie Slings, Sheffield (personalised mugs)
Castle Farm Cafe, Midford, Bath (Pizza Plates)
The Corner House, Frome (Bedroom Tea Sets and Bathroom containers)
Cowshed, Carnaby (Custom Soapdishes)
De Mamiel  (Scented Candle Containers)
Doozle (Custom Soapdishes)
Elegant Clutter, Warwick (various decorative pots)
Figura bespoke kitchens, Godalming, Surrey   see blog
Firespiralslings, Bolton (personalised mugs)
Flesh and Buns (Bone Daddies) Japanese Restaurant, London (Lidded Sauce Pots)
Frome Tourist Information (Magnets, Mugs & Vases)
Little Fellows, Preston (personalised mugs)
Mells Daffodil Festival (Magnets, medals and plaques)
Noctu (Candle Holders)

Somerset Lavender (Custom Soapdishes)
The Swan Restaurant, Tenterden Vineyard, Kent (platters)

Advantages of using our small batch firing service

Many pottery manufacturers only cater for batch firings in the 1000’s but at Enigma we have medium size kilns that offer greater flexibility, limited risk, and a more personal approach than the factory setups. This means running costs are kept to a minimum, and therefore smaller batch firings are economically more viable enabling you to order in 10’s

For more information on batch firing pottery Bath, call Jenny on 07791 699770. Alternatively fill in our enquiry form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

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